YuCordero Medical Institute is located in Toronto, we dedicate to provide continued education in health and beauty. We work with medical doctors from Canada and different origins of the world, sharing the experience they have from practices.

YuCordero Medical Institute





The education in schools prepares students with the knowledge to start practicing in a limited way. Every day, new modalities are discovered to treat illnesses, conditions, to improve health, improve beauty, and rejuvenate the body. The internet makes possible to connect scientists around the world, and information flows quickly through communication. Continual education gets you in touch with all of these new therapeutic options around us, thus enhancing your practice.

YuCordero Medical institute is created with the purpose of delivering that essential information in the most advanced methodology to allow you to learn the most useful aspects of new modalities created every day around the world. Our seminars are designed to deliver you practical key notes to enhance your practice.

Join us in the amazing journey of learning and discover the new and advanced possibilities to manage your patients. We offer you small group and focused learning, advanced materials, practical guides and key points to summarize our teachings.

Your learning experience with us:

We offer you theoretical and practical seminars in several areas of conventional and alternative medical practices. Our complimentary introductory seminar allows you to take an insight into the programs and our weekend classes make it easy for you to balance your work or school with our programs.

  • Professional
  • Passionate
  • Small group learning
  • Interactive teaching
  • Practical sessions
  • Condensed material
  • Key notes
  • Realistic view
  • Marketing and Business


Our teachers are health care professionals with experience and knowledge in each of the subject being administered. You will get a certificate after completing our seminars.

Our commitment in YuCordero Medical Institute is to provide professional training through incorporation of new technology, knowledge, and experience.

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